Carla Marasco

What can I say...I love what I do! Who wouldn't? I sometimes feel as though I'm living in a dream. Every time I pick up a camera and look through the lens, I get to see what an amazing world we live in. I am so thankful for all of the people that I've met along the way, the places I've got to visit and for the little creatures that have found me during my photographic journey! I look forward to meeting my future clients and their families, to enjoy in their special times and to leave them with something that will give their family something to pass on for generations...memories of the ones they love!

The pictures on this site are only a sampling of my work. But I hope you enjoy them and are able to get an idea of what I do! If you would like to book a sitting, purchase stock photographs or would just like more information, please give me a call or send me an email .


2012 EMWD Photo Contest

Every year the Elsinore Municipal Water District holds a photo contest at their facility in order to gain new artwork for their walls.  They allow photographers to come in and shoot whatever their little hearts desire for this and then they go through the submissions, choose photos to print and then award the top five photos with ribbons & awards. 

Not knowing what a "Water Reclamation Plant" was, I was excited to participate along side my Mom (Sandi Marasco).  When we arrived, I was shocked!  P-U Gross!!!  I guess it's a good thing that I didn't know that "Water Reclamation Plant" meant "Poo-Poo Plant" because it turned out to be an amazing opportunity!

About three months had passed and we were asked to attend the awards banquet & gala.  There we could join the other photographers and see the chosen work on display.  Now I don't know why, but I wasn't excited to go.  I was really grossed out by the whole Poo-Poo visit the first go around and the thought of reliving that smelly place just didn't sound appealing; plus I only came up with five so-so images to submit so I didn't think I had a chance of any of them being printed anyway. 

Somehow my Mom and our photography instructor convinced me to go. I am so glad that I did!  The place was loaded with amazing artwork!!!  To see through the eyes of each of these talented photographers was so incredible!  That stinky, smelly place was truly a beautiful one!  I just needed my eyes opened a little wider.  

To make things even grander, the judges didn't think my photos were so-so at all.  In fact, two of my photos adorn the walls of the water district, along side of two of my Mom's beautiful photos.  We were both completely shocked, thrilled & absolutely giddy when we won 1st & 2nd Place.  What an honor...especially among some totally amazing pieces of Art!

A couple of years later the water district asked me to come back and shoot their employees for a special employee appreciation project.  Not only do I now think the place is kinda cool, I love the staff and while I was there I got to see my photos on the wall, hanging proudly with my Mom's and some of my photography friend's. 

Poo-Poo Plant Contest...Totally Cool Life Experience!

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